Whoopi Goldberg Launches Cannabis Brand ‘Emma & Clyde’, Advocates for Medicinal Use




A Personal and Professional Venture


Whoopi Goldberg, the acclaimed actress and comedian, has launched her own cannabis brand, ‘Emma & Clyde,’ named in honor of her mother and brother. The brand aims to bridge the gap between medicinal and recreational cannabis use, with products including edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, and accessories.

Goldberg has long been an advocate for the medicinal benefits of cannabis, particularly for pain relief. She shared in a recent interview that cannabis helped her manage menstrual cramps and brought joy and laughter into her life. Her mother also used cannabis for medicinal purposes, while her brother enjoyed it recreationally.


Changing Perceptions


Goldberg believes that cannabis is one of the greatest medicines available and advocates for its normalization. She argues that medicating should not feel uncomfortable and emphasizes the importance of making natural, herbal remedies accessible and affordable.

The launch of ‘Emma & Clyde’ follows her previous venture, ‘Whoopi & Maya,’ and continues her partnership with Maya Elisabeth. Goldberg’s goal is to challenge negative perceptions of cannabis and support inclusive industry practices, especially for people of color who have been disproportionately affected by cannabis-related incarcerations.


Advocacy and Future Aspirations


Goldberg encourages those seeking pain relief and anxiety reduction to consider cannabis as a viable option. She stresses the need for supportive laws and banking reforms to help entrepreneurs succeed in the cannabis industry.

Through ‘Emma & Clyde,’ Goldberg hopes to honor her family’s legacy and contribute to the growing acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate medicinal option. Her brand will be available in select stores starting July 20.