Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg Enjoy Coldplay’s Historic Glastonbury Performance


Star-Studded Attendance

Tom Cruise and his ‘Mission Impossible’ co-star Simon Pegg were seen having a great time at Glastonbury as they watched Coldplay headline the Pyramid Stage on June 29. The duo, joined by ‘Sex Education’ star Gillian Anderson, enjoyed the performance from the VIP area, leading the stars in attendance.

Dancing and Singing Along

In a clip shared by a fan on social media, Simon Pegg was enthusiastically dancing and singing along to Oasis’s ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger,’ with Tom Cruise joining in. Both actors were spotted chatting and enjoying the concert, showcasing their close friendship and love for music.

Coldplay’s Record-Breaking Performance

Coldplay made history by becoming the first group to headline Glastonbury five times. Their performance included a surprise appearance by Michael J. Fox, who played the guitar on stage despite battling Parkinson’s disease. The British band, fronted by Chris Martin, captivated the audience with hits like ‘Yellow’ and introduced new tracks featuring British rapper Little Simz.

Tom Cruise’s Recent Appearances

Tom Cruise’s appearance at Glastonbury follows his recent attendance at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at London’s Wembley Stadium, where he was seen dancing with Travis Kelce. Cruise’s high spirits and willingness to engage with fans have made headlines, highlighting his enjoyment of live music events.


Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg’s presence at Glastonbury, along with Coldplay’s historic performance, added to the excitement and star power of the festival. Their enthusiastic participation and visible camaraderie delighted fans and highlighted the universal appeal of music festivals.