Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Remaster Launches on Multiple Platforms This August


A Classic Returns

Fans of the Star Wars franchise can look forward to the return of a beloved classic. Aspyr has announced the remaster of the 2002 game, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, set to release on August 1 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam. This remaster brings updated visuals and gameplay enhancements to the action-adventure title.

Gameplay and Features

In Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, players step into the boots of Jango Fett, the renowned bounty hunter and template for the Clone Army. The game is set a decade before the events of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Jango is tasked by Count Dooku to eliminate his former padawan, Komari Vosa, now a Dark Jedi leading a crime syndicate. The game features a bounty system where players can scan NPCs to decide whether to capture them dead or alive.

The remaster includes several upgrades such as improved textures, new dynamic lighting effects, and a flashlight tool for navigating dark areas. Additionally, players can unlock a Boba Fett skin by completing the main campaign.

Visual and Technical Enhancements

Aspyr has made notable visual improvements to bring the game up to modern standards. These enhancements include cleaner textures and dynamic lighting, which significantly improve the game’s overall appearance. Despite these updates, the core gameplay and storyline remain faithful to the original.

The remaster aims to provide a smoother gaming experience, addressing some of the issues that plagued the original release, such as problematic camera controls. This release follows Aspyr’s earlier efforts with the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, which had mixed reviews due to technical issues.

Looking Forward

With the remaster of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Aspyr continues its mission to bring classic Star Wars games to contemporary audiences. Fans of the franchise will be eager to see how this remaster performs, especially given the improvements and added content. Will the updated visuals and gameplay enhancements live up to expectations?

Are you excited to revisit Jango Fett’s adventures? How do you think this remaster will compare to the original? Share your thoughts in the comments below.