Sophie Turner’s New Haircut and Hints of Romance with Peregrine Pearson


Sophie Turner Embraces the Clavicut Trend

Sophie Turner is making waves with her new haircut, the ‘clavicut,’ a trendy hairstyle perfect for summer. This fresh look, a long bob that grazes the collarbone, has become popular among celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Laura Harrier, and Selena Gomez. Turner showcased her clavicut in St-Germain’s new global summer campaign, a rom-com-inspired short film set in the South of France. The style is described as breezy, effortless, and ideal for embracing natural texture, making it a perfect summer choice.

Summer Haircare Tips

The clavicut’s popularity is evident on social media, with TikTok hashtags amassing millions of views. Turner’s endorsement in the St-Germain campaign, where she searches for her ‘perfect match’ in the form of a Hugo spritz cocktail, further boosts this hairstyle’s appeal. For those inspired by Turner’s look, recommended haircare products include Rōz Santa Lucia Styling Oil, Briogeo Style + Treat Hair Styling Sculpting Cream, and Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Foam.

Glimpses into a New Romance

Alongside her stylish new haircut, Turner has also given fans a peek into her personal life. In a commercial for St-Germain’s ‘Spritz Up Your Summer’ campaign, she subtly hints at her ideal partner while listing characteristics of a cocktail. Currently in the process of divorcing Joe Jonas, Turner has been romantically linked with British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson. The ad, with Turner describing her ideal man as ‘bright, bubbly, and the whole package,’ seems to reflect her current romantic sentiments.

Turner’s fans are eager to see how her new style and personal life evolve. Will the clavicut become the definitive summer hairstyle? How will her relationship with Pearson develop? These questions add intrigue to Turner’s fashionable and personal journey.