Six Flags Unveils Fright Fest 2024 Partners: ‘Saw,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ and More


Exciting New Collaborations

Six Flags is gearing up for its annual Fright Fest with a lineup of new haunted mazes featuring popular horror franchises. For 2024, the event will include mazes based on ‘Saw,’ ‘The Conjuring,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Trick ‘r Treat,’ ‘Army of the Dead,’ ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ and the comic book series ‘DCeased.’

Event Highlights

The Fright Fest will open on September 7, with Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles hosting most of the haunted house mazes. Each maze will offer unique experiences such as navigating Jigsaw’s traps in ‘Saw,’ encountering cursed artifacts in ‘The Conjuring,’ and exploring the upside-down world of ‘Stranger Things.’

Behind the Scenes

Edithann Ramey, Six Flags’ Chief Fright Officer, shared that the park collaborated with studios to ensure the mazes authentically represent the films. The year-long process involved design and feedback phases to maintain the integrity of the franchises. The addition of ‘Stranger Things’ is particularly noted for broadening the event’s appeal beyond traditional horror fans.

Stay tuned for more updates on Six Flags Fright Fest and other Halloween events.