Shania Twain’s Unique Beauty Secrets: Cow Udder Cream and DIY Makeup Remover



Shania Twain, the legendary singer known for her youthful glow, has revealed some unusual beauty hacks. Ahead of her highly anticipated performance at the Glastonbury Festival, Twain shared the secrets behind her radiant skin and timeless beauty.

Cow Udder Cream: Bag Balm

One of the standout beauty tips from Twain is her use of Bag Balm, a cream initially designed to prevent cow udders from chapping. Twain applies this jelly-like substance to her face and hair, crediting it for her soft skin and healthy locks. This unique hack has been part of her routine for years, demonstrating her willingness to explore unconventional methods for beauty care.

Liquid Diet for Performance

In preparation for her performances, Twain follows a strict liquid diet. She blends her food, consuming spinach and blueberries in liquid form throughout the day. This diet helps her avoid bloating and maintain a slim figure on stage. However, nutritionists caution that while this regimen might aid in slimming, it could lead to an imbalance in essential proteins and nutrients needed for energy during her performances.

DIY Makeup Remover: Olive Oil and Sugar

Twain’s nightly skincare routine includes a DIY makeup remover made from olive oil and sugar. She combines these ingredients to create a gentle exfoliating scrub that effectively breaks down makeup and flushes out pores. Despite its effectiveness, dermatologists warn that sugar’s abrasive texture can irritate sensitive skin and cause micro-trauma, especially around the delicate eye area.

Long-Standing Routine

Twain has been using her olive oil and sugar scrub since she was a teenager working outdoors. She avoids commercial makeup removers, which often contain fragrances that attract insects. Instead, she relies on this simple, natural mixture to keep her skin clean and healthy.

Fan Reactions and Medical Advice

Fans admire Twain’s natural approach to beauty, with some even claiming she is aging backwards. However, medical professionals advise caution when using such DIY methods. Dr. Stephen Humble, a medical director at Hedox Clinic, highlights the potential risks of using abrasive ingredients on sensitive skin.


Shania Twain’s beauty secrets offer a glimpse into her unique and unconventional approach to skincare. From cow udder cream to a homemade olive oil and sugar scrub, her methods reflect a blend of simplicity and innovation. While fans may be inspired to try these hacks, it’s essential to consider professional advice to ensure these practices suit individual skin types and needs.