Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani Prepare for the Best of All Worlds Tour with Rehearsals and Excitement

As the Best of All Worlds tour approaches, Sammy Hagar and his bandmates, including Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Jason Bonham, are gearing up with intense rehearsals and anticipation. This tour, which kicks off on July 13, will primarily feature music from Van Halen, showcasing the band’s dedication to honoring the iconic rock group.

Rehearsal Insights

In newly released rehearsal footage, Joe Satriani can be seen playing Van Halen’s ‘Poundcake’ on his signature Ibanez guitars, dismissing earlier speculations that he would exclusively use a modded EVH Strat. The footage underscores the intricate preparation and commitment Satriani brings to the tour.

Band Members Share Their Thoughts

Sammy Hagar, in a series of videos posted on social media, expressed his excitement and nervousness about the setlist, particularly looking forward to performing ‘5150,’ a track from his first album with Van Halen. Hagar admitted that rehearsing is not his favorite activity, but he acknowledges its importance in ensuring a great performance.

Michael Anthony also shared his enthusiasm for playing ‘5150’ again, emphasizing the need for vocal and muscle memory preparation. He highlighted the physical demands of playing bass and the importance of maintaining his plucking-arm muscle.

Joe Satriani humorously remarked on his preparation, focusing on maintaining his nails, while Jason Bonham spoke about his weight loss journey and the personal significance of playing with Hagar’s band, reflecting on how seeing Van Halen for the first time 40 years ago changed his life.

Tour Kickoff and Expectations

The Best of All Worlds Tour will begin in West Palm Beach, Florida, and continue through the end of August, with Loverboy as the opening act. This tour promises to deliver a nostalgic yet fresh experience for Van Halen fans, driven by the band’s deep connection to the music and their rigorous preparation.

With the tour just around the corner, fans eagerly anticipate the live performances and the energy that Hagar, Satriani, Anthony, and Bonham will bring to the stage. How will the band’s dynamic evolve on stage? What surprises might they have in store for the audience? The excitement builds as the Best of All Worlds Tour prepares to hit the road.