Queen’s Music Catalog Acquired by Sony Music for $1.27 Billion


Historic Acquisition

Sony Music has acquired the iconic Queen music catalog for £1 billion (approximately $1.27 billion). This monumental deal includes most of the band’s recorded music, excluding live performance revenue, which will remain with founding members Brian May and Roger Taylor, who continue to tour with singer Adam Lambert.

Valuable Legacy

The Queen catalog is one of the most valuable in rock history, featuring timeless hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You,” and “We Are the Champions.” The success of the 2018 biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” has further cemented the band’s enduring popularity and commercial potential. This acquisition positions Sony to leverage Queen’s music for various future projects, including a potential jukebox musical.

Complex Deal Structure

While Sony now owns most of Queen’s music rights, Disney retains the recorded-music rights for the U.S. and Canada, a deal originally struck in the 1990s. Once the current distribution deal with Universal expires in 2026 or 2027, Sony will take over in all territories outside the U.S. and Canada.

Continued Influence

Queen’s legacy continues to grow, with their music frequently featured in media and at sporting events. The band’s surviving members, now in their mid-seventies, remain active in the music scene, ensuring that Queen’s influence endures.

The acquisition of Queen’s catalog by Sony Music marks a significant milestone in the music industry, highlighting the enduring value and appeal of the band’s legendary music. How will Sony leverage this acquisition to further Queen’s legacy?