Original Resident Evil PC Port Returns on GOG with Improvements

Fans of Capcom’s classic horror game, Resident Evil, can now experience the original 1996 version on modern PCs through GOG. The release preserves the unaltered experience of the original game while incorporating essential updates for compatibility with Windows 10 and 11.

Bringing Back the Classic

GOG, in collaboration with Capcom, has made the original 1997 PC port of Resident Evil available for $9.99. This version includes improvements such as a better DirectX game renderer, enhanced cutscene timing, and full support for modern controllers, including Xbox Series, Xbox One, DualSense, and more.

Upcoming Releases

The re-release is part of a broader initiative to bring the original Resident Evil trilogy to GOG. Players can look forward to the original versions of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis arriving later this year. A bundle option is available for $24.99, offering all three games at a discounted price upon their release.

Preserving Game History

This release provides gamers with an opportunity to experience the foundational entry of the Resident Evil series as it was originally intended. While modern remakes offer enhanced graphics and updated gameplay, the original versions are crucial for game preservation and historical appreciation.

Modern Enhancements

In addition to compatibility updates, the GOG version of Resident Evil includes modern features like improved video playback and seamless game exits. These enhancements ensure that new players and long-time fans can enjoy the game without technical issues on current hardware.

Resident Evil’s return to modern PCs through GOG marks a significant moment for fans and historians alike, offering a preserved yet updated experience of the game that defined survival horror.