Pedro Pascal’s Heartfelt Voice Note Features in Omar Apollo’s ‘Pedro’



Omar Apollo’s latest album, ‘God Said No,’ includes a deeply emotional track titled ‘Pedro,’ featuring a poignant voice note from actor Pedro Pascal. The song delves into themes of heartbreak and personal struggle, resonating with listeners through its raw and heartfelt lyrics.

The Voice Note

‘Pedro’ opens with Apollo’s vocoder-filtered vocals before transitioning to Pascal’s voice note. In the recording, Pascal recounts a moment of profound grief while in Lucerne, Switzerland. He describes being so overwhelmed by heartbreak that he asked a park bench to come alive and save him, encapsulating the depth of his emotional turmoil.

Song’s Creation

Omar Apollo and Pedro Pascal share a close friendship, which played a significant role in the creation of ‘Pedro.’ Apollo explained that he wanted Pascal to share a story about grief, complementing the song’s themes. Pascal’s voice memo adds a layer of authenticity and vulnerability, making the track even more impactful.

Lyrical Themes

The lyrics of ‘Pedro’ reflect a journey through heartbreak and the search for solace. Apollo’s lines, such as “If meadows was a man / Would you trade me for your land?” evoke a sense of longing and introspection. Pascal’s narrative further enhances this by detailing a personal experience of despair and the eventual realization that there is life beyond the pain.


‘Pedro’ stands out as a powerful collaboration between Omar Apollo and Pedro Pascal, blending music and storytelling to explore the depths of human emotion. The inclusion of Pascal’s voice note provides a unique and touching element, resonating deeply with listeners.