Stunning 2D Pixel Art Metroidvania ‘Noreya: The Gold Project’ Launches on Steam


After seven months in early access, the beautiful pixel-art platformer ‘Noreya: The Gold Project’ has officially launched on Steam. This dark fantasy game offers non-linear exploration, a sprawling skill tree, and multiple endings, making it a standout addition to the metroidvania genre.


‘Noreya: The Gold Project’ is set in a world divided by poverty and famine, with factions worshipping different gods. Players choose their allegiance, influencing the game’s narrative and environment. The game features 12 major boss fights, a variety of monsters, and a skill tree with 53 abilities to unlock.


The game’s creative director, Antoine ‘Inateno,’ expressed pride in the project, highlighting its 20+ hours of content and intricate hidden lore. Players can purchase the game for $27.99 / £20.99 or try a free demo before buying.


Key Features


  • Breathtaking 2D pixel art and animation
  • Non-linear exploration with two distinct world variants
  • 12 major boss fights and various memorable foes
  • A skill tree with 53 abilities to unlock
  • Multiple potential endings based on player choices


With its launch, ‘Noreya: The Gold Project’ joins the ranks of other popular metroidvania games like ‘Nine Sols’ and ‘Blasphemous 2.’ The game’s captivating art, challenging gameplay, and deep lore make it a must-play for fans of the genre.


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