MJ Lenderman Announces New Album ‘Manning Fireworks’ and Releases ‘She’s Leaving You’


New Album Announcement

MJ Lenderman, known as the guitarist for Wednesday, has announced his fourth solo studio album titled ‘Manning Fireworks.’ The album, a follow-up to 2022’s ‘Boat Songs,’ is set to be released on September 6 via Anti-. The lead single, ‘She’s Leaving You,’ explores the story of a middle-aged man facing a midlife crisis.

Music Video Release

Accompanying the single is a music video inspired by ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous,’ directed by Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum. The video complements the song’s theme, enhancing the storytelling through its visuals.

Recording Process

Lenderman recorded ‘Manning Fireworks’ during short breaks from touring, at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, North Carolina. The album was co-produced by Alex Farrar, a frequent collaborator. This method allowed Lenderman to maintain his touring schedule while working on new material.

Collaborations and Influences

In addition to his solo work, Lenderman has been in high demand for collaborations. He has worked with artists like Waxahatchee and Kevin Abstract and recently contributed to Horse Jumper of Love’s new single ‘Snow Angel.’ How do these collaborations influence his solo music?


The tracklist for ‘Manning Fireworks’ includes:

  • Manning Fireworks
  • Joker Lips
  • Rudolph
  • Wristwatch
  • She’s Leaving You
  • Rip Torn
  • You Don’t Know the Shape I’m In
  • On My Knees
  • Bark at the Moon

Fans eagerly anticipate the release of the new album and the unique blend of introspective lyrics and engaging melodies that Lenderman is known for.