Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Introduces Full 3D Landscapes and Marketplace Updates


Enhanced Visuals and World Modeling

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is set to bring significant upgrades, including fully 3D landscapes across 30 distinct biomes. This marks a major improvement from previous versions, providing a more immersive flying experience with procedurally generated vegetation and detailed AI-flown planes. New features also include global ship traffic and detailed representations of all known helipads, glider airports, and tall obstacles like antennae and towers.

New Commercial Aviation Activities

Pilots can now walk around their planes for pre-flight checklists, adding to the realism. Airports will feature passengers visible through windows and boarding planes via jetways. The updated physics simulation will enhance cargo weight management and overall flight dynamics.

Marketplace Enhancements

The MSFS Marketplace will see a revamped interface, showcasing new and featured add-ons. Existing content from MSFS 2020 will be migrated, but developers must test and approve these add-ons for 2024. The new SDK and features will allow for updated content, with options for upgrade pricing. Developers will benefit from a more efficient submission process and automated testing.

Release and Future Plans

MSFS 2024 is scheduled for release on November 19, 2024. Microsoft aims to release the 2024 SDK in September, allowing developers to start testing migrated content. The updated Marketplace will provide users with a clear indication of whether content is native to 2024 or ported from 2020.

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