Introduction to Elden Ring Co-Op

Playing Elden Ring in co-op mode can significantly enhance your gaming experience. While FromSoftware games are known for their complexity, navigating the multiplayer system in Elden Ring is relatively straightforward once you understand the basics. This guide will walk you through how to engage in multiplayer gameplay, invite friends, and make the most of co-op features.

Setting Up Multiplayer

When you start your journey in The Lands Between, the default setting is solo play. To switch to co-op, first check your network settings in the system options menu. Here, you can adjust settings for cross-region play, voice chat, and more. To enable co-op, ensure your launch setting is online.

Essential Multiplayer Items

In the game’s menu, you’ll find three crucial items for multiplayer: Finger Severer, Tarnished Furled Finger, and Small Gold Effigy. The Tarnished Furled Finger leaves a gold summoning sign, inviting other players to join your game. The Small Gold Effigy sends a cooperative summon sign to several nearby summoning pools, allowing you to join multiplayer sessions. The Finger Severer is used to disband a co-op session, returning you to solo play.

Summoning Players

To summon players into your game, you’ll need the Furcalling Finger Remedy. Using this item reveals gold summoning signs, especially around boss gates and summoning pools. Although it’s a consumable item, it can be easily crafted using the Erdleaf Flower, which is abundant in the game.

Multiplayer Passwords

For a more controlled multiplayer experience, you can set up a multiplayer password. This ensures you only match with players using the same password, allowing for a more private gaming session with friends. Additionally, you can create up to five group passwords to filter out messages, summoning signs, and other multiplayer elements from players not using your group passwords.

Community and Co-Op Culture

The Elden Ring community is divided on the use of co-op, with some purists advocating for solo play only. However, using co-op is not only acceptable but encouraged. It’s an integral part of the FromSoftware experience, enriching the gameplay with collaborative strategies and shared victories.

Co-Op Strategies and Tips

Co-op play adds a new dimension to Elden Ring. Whether you’re struggling with a tough boss or just looking for a more social experience, summoning help can make a significant difference. Even if your party fails, you can learn valuable tactics from your allies.

The Joy of Helping Others

Many players find joy in helping others through difficult parts of the game. By leaving your summoning sign, you can assist other players, sharing your knowledge and experience to help them overcome challenges.


Engaging in co-op play in Elden Ring can transform your gaming experience, providing both support and a sense of community. Whether you’re summoning help or offering it, co-op play is a valuable tool for navigating the treacherous world of The Lands Between.