Lola Vice Discusses Competition and Challenges in WWE NXT’s Women’s Division


Rising Star in NXT

Lola Vice, a standout performer in WWE NXT, recently shared insights into the fierce competition within the NXT women’s division. Vice, who won the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament in 2023, praised her peers for pushing her to improve constantly. Despite her success, the NXT Women’s Championship has remained elusive.

Facing Tough Opponents

Vice emphasized the depth of talent in the division, highlighting her matches against top competitors like Lyra Valkyria. She believes the intense rivalries and high-caliber matches have made NXT’s women’s division the best in wrestling. Vice’s determination to claim the championship continues to drive her.

Experience in NXT Underground

In a separate interview, Vice reflected on her April 2024 NXT Underground match against veteran Natalya. The match, aired on the April 30 episode of ‘WWE NXT’, was a pivotal moment for Vice. She admired Natalya’s skills and experience, which challenged her to elevate her performance. Vice’s time in NXT Underground has significantly influenced her wrestling style, incorporating more aggressive and technical elements.

Looking Ahead

Vice’s journey in WWE has been marked by rapid growth and constant learning. Since joining WWE in 2022, she has adapted to the rigorous demands of professional wrestling, setting her sights on becoming the NXT Women’s Champion. Her experiences against seasoned wrestlers have prepared her for future challenges and solidified her status as a rising star.

Fans eagerly anticipate Vice’s next moves as she continues to navigate the competitive landscape of WWE NXT. Will she finally capture the NXT Women’s Championship? Stay tuned to find out.