Lifetime’s ‘Amish Affair’ Delves into Dark Secrets and Deadly Desires



The Lifetime movie ‘Amish Affair’ stars Ryan McPartlin and Mackenzie Cardwell in a drama inspired by real events. It revolves around an Amish man who, driven by a desperate desire for a son, plots to murder his wife to be with his mistress. The film is based on the 2009 case of Eli Weaver, who killed his wife to continue his illicit relationship.

The Story

Hannah (Mackenzie Cardwell), an excommunicated young Amish woman, seeks a fresh start in a new community. She is taken in by Aaron Stutzman (Ryan McPartlin), a community leader who hires her to care for his ill wife, Sarah, and look after his home and children. Aaron, determined to have a son, manipulates Hannah into an affair under the guise of divine will. Despite her struggle to move on with a suitable match, Jacob (Sebastian Greaves), Aaron’s obsession with making Hannah his next wife leads to deadly consequences.

Character Dynamics

The film portrays Aaron as a complex antagonist whose charm and authority mask his sinister intentions. Hannah’s character grapples with her moral dilemma and the pressure of Aaron’s advances. Jacob, played by Greaves, offers a contrasting genuine affection, highlighted by memorable moments such as an impromptu Dance Dance Revolution scene.

Notable Performances

Greaves stands out as Jacob, providing a heartfelt performance that balances the darker themes of the movie. His character’s sincerity offers a stark contrast to Aaron’s manipulation and serves as a beacon of hope for Hannah.

Memorable Scenes

Scenes like Aaron’s butter churning seduction and Jacob’s silent dance routine add unique, if not odd, elements to the film. These moments, along with the recurring theme of Hannah’s love for vanilla ice cream, add an unusual flavor to the otherwise intense narrative.

Overall Impressions

‘Amish Affair’ attempts to balance drama with moments of levity, though it sometimes veers into the realm of the absurd. The film’s depiction of Amish life oscillates between serious and humorous, leading to mixed messaging. While Aaron is clearly the villain, Hannah’s actions and decisions sometimes make her a perplexing protagonist.


Despite its intriguing premise, ‘Amish Affair’ struggles to find a consistent tone. The movie is more likely to amuse than to provoke deep thought, and may not resonate with all viewers. For those interested in a serious take on Amish crime dramas, it might be best to skip this one.