Lara Flynn Boyle Reflects on Her Journey and Return to the Big Screen


A Storied Career and Challenges in Hollywood

Lara Flynn Boyle, best known for her roles in ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘The Practice,’ has made a significant return to the public eye with her new movie, ‘Mother, Couch.’ Despite stepping away from Hollywood, Boyle’s enthusiasm for the industry remains undiminished.

Boyle, now 54, experienced immense success early in her career but also faced harsh scrutiny from tabloids and the public. Her personal life, including her high-profile relationships with Jack Nicholson and Kyle MacLachlan, often overshadowed her professional achievements. Boyle’s struggles included dealing with #MeToo experiences and the challenge of finding roles as she aged.

Tabloid Target to Resilient Actress

Boyle’s resilience and love for Hollywood have kept her connected to the industry. Despite the negative attention from tabloids, which fascinated ‘Mother, Couch’ writer-director Niclas Larsson, Boyle’s talent and experience made her a perfect fit for the film. Larsson, who grew up reading about Boyle in gossip magazines, saw her as someone who had ‘physically and mentally lived through something,’ making her ideal for the role.

In ‘Mother, Couch,’ Boyle plays Linda, a cantankerous woman navigating a family drama in a furniture store. The film, which also stars Ellen Burstyn, Ewan McGregor, and Rhys Ifans, marks Boyle’s first movie in four years.

Reflections and Future Prospects

Boyle’s return to the screen is not a traditional comeback. She emphasizes that she never wanted to bow out of Hollywood entirely. Instead, her absence was a choice to prioritize her personal life, including her marriage to real estate developer Donald Ray Thomas.

Discussing ageism in Hollywood, Boyle believes it’s a broader societal issue rather than a problem confined to the entertainment industry. She finds the notion of ageism in Hollywood to be a part of human nature and emphasizes that she enjoys looking at ‘pretty people on camera.’

As ‘Mother, Couch’ hits theaters, Boyle is content to see how the future unfolds. She remains passionate about acting and looks forward to potential projects without placing undue pressure on herself.