Katy Perry Faces Backlash Over Dr. Luke Collaboration on Upcoming Album


Reconnecting with Old Collaborators

Katy Perry is set to release her sixth album, KP6, reconnecting with producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, who helped shape her previous hits. According to Rolling Stone, Perry has also collaborated with Stargate, Sarah Hudson, and new producers like Vaughn Oliver, Rocco Valdes, and Theron Thomas.

Controversy Surrounding Dr. Luke

The decision to work with Dr. Luke has sparked controversy due to his past legal battles with singer Kesha, who accused him of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Although the defamation lawsuit was settled in 2023, Dr. Luke’s involvement in Perry’s new album has not been well-received by many fans and industry observers.

Social Media Reactions

On social media, Kesha appeared to respond to the rumors with a cryptic “lol” tweet, leading to widespread speculation. Users on platforms like Reddit and Twitter expressed disappointment, urging Perry to reconsider her collaboration with Dr. Luke. “Katy, please ditch Dr. Luke and focus on creating empowering music,” wrote one Twitter user.

Perry’s Upcoming Music and Tour Plans

Perry has been teasing her new music, including the single “Woman’s World,” set to release on July 11. This marks her return to the music scene after leaving American Idol to focus on her career. Perry has also hinted at a world tour, building anticipation for her latest musical era.

As Perry prepares to launch her new album, the controversy over her choice of collaborators continues to overshadow her musical comeback. How will this affect her career and public perception?