Jon Heder Recreates Iconic ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Role for Ore-Ida’s Tater Tot Campaign


Nostalgic Return

Two decades after the release of the cult classic film ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ Jon Heder has reprised his role as the awkward yet endearing character to promote Ore-Ida’s latest product: tater tot protection pants. This campaign celebrates the film’s 20th anniversary and addresses a memorable scene where Napoleon’s tater tots are crushed by a school bully.

Innovative Product

Ore-Ida’s new campaign, directed by Aaron Ruell (who played Kip Dynamite in the film), introduces the tot-protecting pants, designed to prevent tater tots from being crushed. The campaign includes a humorous video featuring Heder as Napoleon, lamenting his past tot-related trauma and showcasing the durability of the new product, which even withstands the weight of a van.

Marketing Strategy

To promote the campaign, Heder will appear on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on June 18. The marketing efforts also include media buys on Meta platforms, TikTok, and linear and CTV channels. Additionally, Ore-Ida has partnered with influencers like Stephen Hart, Jenna Barclay, Solianna Sapp, and Brett Neustrom for further promotion. The tot-protecting pants are available for $20 at

This campaign not only brings back nostalgic memories for fans of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ but also introduces a fun and practical product. How will this innovative marketing strategy resonate with both old and new fans?