Insomniac Confirms No Sunset Overdrive Port for PS5 Due to Busy Schedule

Fans of Sunset Overdrive hoping for a PlayStation 5 port will be disappointed to learn that Insomniac Games has no plans for such a release. The studio has stated that its current workload, particularly on projects like Marvel’s Wolverine, leaves no room for a Sunset Overdrive port.

Insomniac’s Current Priorities

Insomniac Games, which was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), now owns the intellectual property for Sunset Overdrive. Despite this, the studio is focusing on its major upcoming titles, notably Marvel’s Wolverine, which has been a significant factor in the decision not to pursue a Sunset Overdrive port for PlayStation.

Community Reactions

The news emerged after Insomniac shared a clip of Sunset Overdrive’s respawn animations on social media, sparking questions from fans about the possibility of a PlayStation release. Insomniac responded by highlighting their busy schedule. They also mentioned that these posts are part of their 30th-anniversary celebrations, not indicative of upcoming game announcements.

Ownership and Rights

One crucial aspect affecting the potential for a Sunset Overdrive port is the game’s publishing rights. According to leaked documents, Microsoft still holds the publishing rights for the original game, any sequels, and associated content. This complicates the process of bringing the game to PlayStation platforms, even though SIE owns the IP.

Future Prospects

While some fans continue to hope for a remaster or new developments related to Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac’s current commitments suggest that these dreams may not materialize soon. With major projects like Marvel’s Wolverine taking precedence, the studio’s resources are fully allocated.

Looking Ahead

For now, Sunset Overdrive enthusiasts will have to enjoy the game on its existing platforms or hope for future changes in publishing rights and studio priorities. The community remains engaged, and the anniversary celebrations are a testament to the game’s lasting impact.


Insomniac Games’ decision to focus on current projects like Marvel’s Wolverine means that a PlayStation port of Sunset Overdrive is unlikely. While the studio acknowledges fan interest, their busy schedule and existing commitments take precedence. Fans will need to stay tuned for any future updates regarding this beloved title.