Halsey Calls Starring in ‘Maxxxine’ an ‘Absolute Dream’


Working with Mia Goth and Cast

Halsey recently shared her excitement about starring in the horror film ‘Maxxxine,’ directed by Ti West. In an Instagram post celebrating the film’s release, Halsey expressed her admiration for her co-star Mia Goth and the entire cast and crew, calling the experience an ‘absolute dream.’ She highlighted the joy of working with such talented individuals during a tumultuous period in her life.

Memorable Moments on Set

Halsey recalled a particularly striking moment on set involving a realistic prop. During a chat with Collider, she mentioned how seeing a severed head prop of her co-star Lily Collins left a lasting impression on her, blending the eerie atmosphere of the set with her admiration for her fellow actors.

Halsey’s Acting Journey

Known for her successful music career, Halsey has been gradually making her mark in the acting world. Besides her role as Tabby Martin in ‘Maxxxine,’ she has appeared in the crime thriller ‘Americana’ and is set to star in ‘The Player’s Table’ alongside Sydney Sweeney. Halsey’s transition to acting showcases her versatility and commitment to expanding her artistic endeavors.

Upcoming Projects

Fans of Halsey can look forward to her continuing contributions to both music and film. She recently released a new single, “The End,” and is working on her fifth studio album. In addition, ‘Maxxxine’ marks another significant step in her acting career, with the film now showing in theaters.