The Notebook Star Gena Rowlands, 94, Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Full Dementia, Son Nick Cassavetes Confirms


Health Update

Gena Rowlands, the acclaimed actress known for her role in ‘The Notebook,’ has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and is experiencing full dementia, her son Nick Cassavetes revealed. At 94, Rowlands’ health has significantly declined, bringing an emotional reality to the role she once portrayed on screen.

Family’s Support

Nick Cassavetes, also a director and actor, shared the difficult news while emphasizing the family’s ongoing support and care for Rowlands. He spoke about the challenges of watching a loved one succumb to dementia and the importance of cherishing the remaining moments together.

Career and Legacy

Rowlands’ illustrious career spans decades, with memorable performances in films like ‘A Woman Under the Influence’ and ‘Gloria.’ Her portrayal of an Alzheimer’s patient in ‘The Notebook’ now holds a poignant parallel to her real-life battle with the disease. Fans and colleagues continue to honor her contributions to cinema and her enduring legacy.

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