Donald Glover Faces Backlash Over Jonathan Majors Joke at BET Awards

Musician and actor Donald Glover, known as Childish Gambino, stirred controversy at the BET Awards with his jokes targeting Jonathan Majors, Will Smith, and Sam Smith. Glover’s comments did not sit well with many fans online, who expressed their discontent.

During his stage appearance, Glover remarked, “I have more Grammys than Will Smith, but I have the same amount of BET Awards as Sam Smith. Does that make sense to y’all? If I have to do a Baby Boy remake let me know, I’ll have Jonathan Majors put me in headlock.” This quip elicited mixed reactions on social media. Some users criticized Glover’s joke, saying he lacked the status to make such remarks, while others worried about Will Smith’s potential reaction, referencing his infamous slap at the Oscars.

One fan commented, “His music doesn’t hit like that,” questioning Glover’s credibility. Another wrote, “Lord I hope Will doesn’t go up there and smack Childish Gambino.” The Jonathan Majors joke, in particular, drew significant backlash, with comments like, “a Jonathan Majors joke?? are we serious right now?? that was completely unnecessary.”

Jonathan Majors has been a contentious figure since his December 2023 conviction for third-degree assault and harassment. He was arrested in March 2023 and faced four charges after an incident involving his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The case concluded after three days of jury deliberation, with Majors found guilty.

Body cam footage from police showed Jabbari with injuries, corroborated by photographs. Her lawyer, Brittany Henderson, expressed gratitude for the verdict, stating, “Justice has been served by today’s verdict. We are thankful to the jury, the court, and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for giving this case the time and attention that it merits.” She also highlighted Jabbari’s courage in pursuing justice, hoping it would inspire other survivors of domestic violence to come forward.

During the BET Awards, Glover presented the Album of the Year award to rapper Killer Mike. Additionally, he used the platform to announce his new movie, “Bando Stone.” The film, which also serves as the soundtrack for his upcoming and final album as Childish Gambino, depicts a dystopian adventure. The trailer for “Bando Stone” teased an intense sci-fi journey, posing the question, “What are you when the world ends?”

Glover’s recent activities include releasing his album “Atavista,” a complete version of his 2020 record “3.15.20.” He plans to embark on a world tour, further cementing his status in the entertainment industry. However, his recent comments at the BET Awards have sparked debate about the appropriateness of his humor and the impact of his words on his public image.