Carol Connors Reflects on Relationship with Elvis and Her Storied Career in New Memoir


Carol Connors’ Encounter with Elvis

Carol Connors vividly recalls her first meeting with Elvis Presley, which was arranged by a stranger who recognized her from her 1958 hit song, “To Know Him is to Love Him.” Connors was initially skeptical but eventually agreed to meet Elvis at his Bel-Air home, where they began a love affair that Connors now reflects on with a mix of fondness and regret. She admits in her new memoir, “Elvis, Rocky & Me,” that she wishes she had had a child with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Memories of Love and Insecurity

Connors’ memoir reveals her insecurities during her relationship with Elvis, especially regarding his alleged affair with co-star Ann-Margret. Despite their off-and-on romance lasting nine months, Connors has often wondered about Elvis’ true feelings for her. Conversations with Joe Esposito, a close associate of Elvis, reassured her that Elvis genuinely adored her.

Elvis’ Dreams and Career Struggles

Connors shares insights into Elvis’ ambitions to be respected as an actor, dreams that were often thwarted by his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Elvis missed out on the lead role in “A Star is Born,” which Connors believes could have changed the course of his life.

Phil Spector’s Influence and Downfall

Before her romance with Elvis, Connors was discovered by Phil Spector, who wrote the hit song “To Know Him is to Love Him” for her. She reflects on Spector’s brilliance and subsequent dark descent, which culminated in his conviction for murder.

From Teddy Bears to Rocky

Connors’ career spans numerous hits, including the iconic “Gonna Fly Now” from the movie “Rocky.” Her contributions to music have been significant, and her stories provide a fascinating glimpse into the entertainment industry’s golden era.

New Book and Upcoming Documentary

Connors’ memoir, co-written by Steven Bergsman, is now available, offering an in-depth look at her life and career. Additionally, a documentary titled “Elvis, Rocky & Me: The Carol Connors Story” is set to release later this year, promising even more revelations about her incredible journey.