Cardi B Plans Spanish-Language Album After Upcoming Sophomore LP


A New Musical Venture

Cardi B has announced plans for her third album to be a Spanish-language project, following the release of her highly anticipated sophomore LP. The Bronx-born rapper shared the news via Instagram Stories, where she also conducted a poll asking fans if they wanted a Spanish-language album. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with 79% of the nearly 480,000 voters supporting the idea.

Embracing Her Roots

Cardi B, known for her bilingual rapping skills, has previously delivered Spanish verses in tracks like Ozuna’s “La Modelo” and Shakira’s “Puntería.” This new project aims to delve deeper into her Latin roots and connect with a broader audience. In her announcement, she emphasized that the Spanish album would come after her second English-language album, which fans have been eagerly awaiting.

The Grammy winner has been teasing her sophomore album for some time, celebrating the sixth anniversary of her debut album, ‘Invasion of Privacy,’ which was a critical and commercial success. The debut album, which won Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards, set a high bar with its record-breaking achievements.

Looking Ahead

Despite initially stating that she would not release a new album in 2024, Cardi B has since hinted at progress on her upcoming LP, creating excitement among her fans. She has released several singles and collaborations over the past year, maintaining her presence in the music industry.

Cardi B’s venture into a Spanish-language album signifies her dedication to exploring diverse musical styles and reaching out to her multicultural fan base. As she prepares for this new chapter in her career, the anticipation continues to build for both her sophomore album and the future Spanish-language project.

What are your expectations for Cardi B’s Spanish-language album? How do you think this move will impact her career and connect with her fans? Share your thoughts below.