Bryan Craig Returning to General Hospital for One Episode as Morgan Corinthos


Official Announcement

Fans of General Hospital will see Bryan Craig reprise his role as Morgan Corinthos for a special one-episode appearance in early August. This confirmation comes after weeks of speculation following hints from Craig on social media.

Role and Background

Craig’s character, Morgan Corinthos, was last seen in 2018 when he appeared as a ghost to Ava Jerome. His departure in 2016 involved a dramatic storyline where Morgan’s bipolar medication was tampered with, leading to his presumed death in a car explosion. His body was never found, leaving fans hoping for his eventual return.

Context of Return

The upcoming appearance will likely feature Morgan’s spirit rather than a living comeback. Reports suggest that Morgan will appear to his father, Sonny Corinthos, who is currently experiencing a low point due to his own bipolar medication being tampered with. This emotional storyline is expected to resonate with viewers.

Fan Reactions and Future Speculation

While this appearance is brief, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of Morgan returning in the future. Fans are eager to see how this episode will unfold and continue to speculate about a potential long-term return. What are your thoughts on Morgan’s one-episode return, and how would you like to see his character develop?

Stay tuned for more updates on General Hospital and its beloved characters.