Are Three-Hour Concerts Too Long? A Debate Sparked by Billie Eilish


Billie Eilish’s Controversial Comment

Billie Eilish recently ignited a debate by suggesting that artists who perform lengthy concerts are “psychotic.” Responding to a fan’s question about the possibility of a three-hour show on her upcoming tour, she dismissed the idea, stating, “Nobody wants that. You guys don’t want that. I don’t want that.” Her remarks have sparked discussions, especially in light of other artists like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, who are known for their extended performances.

Fan Reactions

Swifties quickly defended Taylor Swift’s three-hour Eras tour, arguing that it reflects the fans’ deep appreciation for her art. However, Eilish’s point about the excessive length of such gigs has resonated with many, questioning whether these marathon concerts are necessary or even enjoyable.

The Argument Against Long Concerts

Long concerts can often feel tedious and self-indulgent, akin to a double album filled with unnecessary tracks. While die-hard fans may appreciate every moment, more casual listeners might find themselves losing interest. Bruce Springsteen’s notorious marathon shows are an example; while hardcore fans revel in the extensive setlists, others may feel overwhelmed.

Value for Money vs. Quality

The high cost of concert tickets has led some to equate longer shows with better value. However, as Robert Smith of The Cure noted, length does not necessarily equal quality. A concise, well-curated setlist can leave a more lasting impact than a prolonged performance filled with filler content.

Exceptions to the Rule

Of course, there are exceptions where a lengthy performance is justified by the artist’s ability to maintain energy and engagement throughout. However, such cases are rare, and it takes a truly exceptional performer to captivate an audience for over three hours.


Ultimately, the debate boils down to personal preference. Some fans cherish every moment of a lengthy concert, while others prefer a more succinct and impactful performance. Regardless of where you stand, the discussion highlights the importance of balancing quality and quantity in live music. Do you prefer a concise, high-energy show or an extended performance with all the hits?