American Culture Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Taylor Swift, Celeb Lion Tamers, and US Independence



This week’s American Culture Quiz by Fox News challenges your knowledge on a variety of topics, including Taylor Swift’s music, famous celebrity lion tamers, and key facts about American independence. How well do you know these subjects? Let’s dive in and find out!

Taylor Swift Tunes

How familiar are you with Taylor Swift’s discography? This section of the quiz focuses on her two-word song titles. Swift’s music has spanned numerous genres, and her catchy tunes have become an integral part of American pop culture.

Celebrity Lion Tamers

Do you know which legendary movie star had a career as a lion tamer? This intriguing fact highlights the diverse and often surprising backgrounds of some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

US Independence

Test your knowledge on American history with questions about US independence. How much do you know about the events and figures that shaped the nation’s early days?

Additional Quiz Topics

The quiz also includes questions on country music legends, comic strip characters, and more, providing a comprehensive test of your knowledge on American culture.

Try the Quiz

Ready to test your knowledge? Take the quiz now and see how many of the eight questions you can answer correctly. Challenge your friends and family to beat your score and expand your understanding of American culture.

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